Restaurant For Anniversary Dinner Parties

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with an intimate romantic dinner at Novita Italian Cuisine. Whether you are hosting a party or just celebrating with your significant other, Novita has got you covered. Our decor features a romantic color scheme and dimmed lighting to create an intimate atmosphere where you can reminisce and cherish happy moments. If celebrating with friends and family, Novita’s luxurious restaurant interior can help set the theme of a classy anniversary party. We offer a diverse yet enjoyable environment to celebrate any party. The food, drinks, and professional service make your party vibrant and distinctive.

Romantic Dinner Settings

A romantic environment helps to create that distinctive feeling of love during your anniversary. Novita Italian Cuisine is among the most romantic restaurants in the GTA. The lighting offers a soft glow that creates the perfect intimate moment.

Large Wine Selection From Around the World

A romantic dinner is not complete without wine; the drink of love. Celebrate your love by traveling to different parts of the world through our extensive wine collection. Novita offers some of the most well known wine from Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and more. Novita allows guests to order wine by the glass or a bottle.

Semi-Private Spaces

Enjoy exclusive time with your friends and family with our semi-private party spaces. In semi- private spaces, you can enjoy privacy from other guests but still enjoy the overall ambiance of the restaurant. We allow hosts to bring in any table decorations or floral arrangements to ensure the party space is beautiful and outstanding.

Enticing Food and Drinks

Food and drinks can break or make an anniversary party. Novita Italian Cuisine has a team of experienced chefs and staff to ensure that each guest enjoys their meal. We offer gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meal options to ensure all of your guests are comfortable. All of our delectable foods are specially prepared using locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

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