Christmas Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What better way to spend the holidays than with friends, family, drinks, and delicious food. If you are looking for a classy restaurant in Toronto to host your next Christmas party, look no further than Novita. Novita’s sophisticated and modern decor helps create a luxurious and intimate ambiance that our guests adore. Whether you are planning a small dinner party with close friends and family, or a larger event, our restaurant has ample space to accommodate you and your guests. Our restaurant also has ample parking spots so your guests don’t have to worry about walking long distances in the cold.

Extended Restaurant Hours

We understand that Christmas dinner parties tend to last longer than other parties which is why we have extended restaurant hours during Christmas time. This gives you more time to enjoy your food and drinks without having to rush.

Impeccable Wine Selections

A Christmas party is not complete without drinks. Novita’s drink menu has something for everyone and our impeccable champagne and wine selection is sure to impress all of your guests. Novita Italian Cuisine is also a great choice for hosting your Christmas wine party; a party where guests socialize, sip on wine, and snack on appetizers.

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options

We understand the importance of being an accommodating host when hosting a party which is why we cater to your guests’ special diets. Our menu includes countless vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free meal options so all of your guests feel cared for.

Set Dinner Options Available

As a host, it can be stressful not knowing how much your bill will cost at the end of the night. We offer set dinner options available which include a family style appetizer, selection of entrees, and a choice of dessert for a set price. This gives your guests the liberty to choose from a select menu while also eliminating any surprise numbers at the end of the evening.

Semi-Private Space

Novita Italian Cuisine offers spacious, semi-private spaces for hosting your elegant Christmas parties. The relaxed and luxurious spaces are decorated with modern art pieces and dim lighting to help set the tone of your party. We have a separated party spaces with pony walls to give your party privacy while still being able to enjoy the ambiance of our restaurant.

Restaurants Open Christmas Day

There are only a select number of restaurants in the GTA that are open on Christmas day. Bring your family in for an intimate Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner at Novita Italian Cuisine. Our delicious hearty meals and affectionate staff are bound to help create great Christmas memories for the entire family!


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