The Ideal Restaurant for Family Dinner In Canada

Gather your loved ones for a heartwarming family dinner experience at Novita Italian Cuisine. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or simply enjoying quality time together, Novita is the perfect choice. Our restaurant boasts a welcoming ambiance adorned with touches of warmth, designed to create a cozy atmosphere where you can make cherished memories. With a commitment to quality and taste, Novita delivers an array of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

Perfect Family Restaurant

We understand the importance of creating an environment where families can come together and bond over delicious food and meaningful conversations. Our dining spaces are designed to accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger family get-togethers, ensuring that every member of your family feels cherished and included.

Drinks for Everyone

At Novita, we have drinks for everyone! Our extensive drink menu has something for every member of your family. We have a wide range of fun juices including orange, cranberry, and pineapple for the kids. Soft drinks, coffee and tea, beer, wine, and cocktails for adults. We also offer fun and colourful mocktails for those not in the mood for alcohol.

Intimate Gathering, Lasting Memories

There’s a reason why Novita Italian is considered the best family restaurant in Markham. Our semi- private areas offer an exclusive haven where you can relish the company of your family while basking in the restaurant’s warm atmosphere. Enjoy the privacy you desire while still immersing yourself in the restaurant’s overall charm.

Extensive Wine Selection

Novita brings the world to your table, offering the option to enjoy wines by the glass or indulge in a full bottle. Our extensive wine collection takes you on a journey through various regions. Discover renowned wines from Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and beyond. Embrace the flavors of togetherness with every sip, making your family dinner truly special.

Special Kids Menu

At Novita Italian Cuisine, we offer special kid’s menus upon request to ensure everyone has a good time. Our kid’s menus feature smaller portions that are tailored to any picky eater! We also have multiple drink options for kids including orange juice, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice.
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